Rivers & Christian designed the renovation of all existing areas in Terminal 4 at LAX, which required knowledge of virtually every element and function within an airport terminal. This complex, phased project, integrated construction of a new terminal while maintaining total operations at the existing one. Not more than one gate at a time was out of service for the duration of the project.


All existing terminal finishes were upgraded and a new Architectural Theme was created to integrate the three older elements of the facility into one. The east and west ticketing buildings were demolished to the upper level roadway and rebuilt to provide a vaulted space with expanded ticket depth and volume.


The project required additions to the existing connector, satellite areas to provide extra holdroom space, a sterile corridor system that feeds a thousand passengers per hour and a Federal Inspection Station located below the apron under Gate 41. The Terminal Improvement project  included removal of the satellites core vertical circulation, so the concourse PAX traffic flow was linear rather than being broken it in to two, non-connected elements as before. The domestic baggage claim was expanded under the apron and refinished, as throughout the facility, with materials designed for heavy pedestrian and baggage cart traffic, utilizing Terrazzo floors, Stainless Steel column covers and a plastic laminate wall panel system that can be replaced when damaged.